İstanbul is easily accessible from all around the world, with two airports one on the Asian side of the city and on the European side.

İstanbul Atatürk International Airport

İGA was founded on October 7, 2013 with the purpose of construct- ing and operating for 25 years Istanbul Airport.

The Istanbul Airport is constructed over a 76.5 million square meter area north of Istanbul, 35 km from the city center. Construction will be carried out in four phases. The first phase is finalized in 2018 with the opening of two runways, a terminal and Air Traffic Control Tow- er with a 90 million passenger capacity. Once when all phases com- plete, Istanbul Airport with flights to more than 300 destinations and an annual passenger capacity of 200 million after completion of all phases.

The Istanbul Airport, boasting a futuristic yet functional structure has unique characteristics. Its architecture reflects the already rich social and cultural heritage of the global city of Istanbul. Boasting a unique architectural design that combines forward-looking and functional elements, the Istanbul Airport’s terminal is inspired by the rich cultural heritage of Istanbul.

The architectural style of Istanbul Airport’s terminals reflect the artistic richness of Istanbul’s mosques, baths, domes and many other historic structures.

The motives used in Turkish – Islamic art and architecture add grandeur, texture and depth to the facility’s overall design program. Air traffic control tower is inspired by the tulip, which has been the symbol of Istanbul for many centuries and is an important cultural reference in Turkish – Islamic history.

The Istanbul Airport has the largest-capacity airport parking area in Europe with a total capacity of 40,000 vehicles: 18,000 indoors and 22,000 outdoors.

Contact Information

Address: Terminal Cad. No:1, 34283
Arnavutköy / Istanbul

Phone: + 90 444 14 42


Sabiha Gökçen Airport

Sabiha Gökçen Airport is getting ready to open new horizons for Türkiye, just like the woman combat pilot of Türkiye that it is named after. The airport which is the first step towards the “Advanced Technology Industry Park” project, which shall serve the country in numerous fields such as transportation, foreign trade, aviation and technology, shall act as a leader for conversion of the region into a technology base in the future. Just like Sabiha Gökçen leading the way to Turkish women in undertaking equal roles with men in all fields of business, years ago.

Located to 50 kilometers away from Taksim with…

    • 112 check-in counters, 24 CUSS (Common Use Self Service) check-in kiosks
    • 50 passport counters for incoming and outgoing passengers
    • 5.000 square meters food court for cafés and restaurants
    • 4.500 square meters Duty Free shopping area
    • 3 apron viewing lounges and CIP halls
    • A two-storey VIP building with terminal connection
    • 400 square meters conference center
    • A four-storey car park for approximately 4.718 vehicles and 72 buses
    • A 128 roomed four-storey airport hotel
    • Multi aircraft parking system, allowing synchronized service to 8 aircrafts
    • EDS (Explosives Detection Systems) baggage screening

Contact Information

Address: Sabiha Gökçen Havalimanı Terminal Binası 34906
Pendik / Istanbul

Phone: +90 216 588 80 00

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