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Having hosted more than 600 invitations last year, Portaxe offers its services on 365 days a year with its unique bosporus view…

Managed by LS Banquet, PORTAXE was founded in 2006 and embraced the Shine hall in a move of expansion in 2007, which made the place an ideal venue for all types of organizations with its closed and open areas.

Offering its services for all types of special invitations such as wedding ceremonies, corporate gatherings, launches, graduation balls, cocktails, parties, henna night organizations, trainings, and bachelor party all throughout the year; PORTAXE gives its guests memorable moments of joy thanks to a unique and mesmerizing view of the Bosporus.

PORTAXE can host diverse organizations at it waterfront terrace during the summer months and its closed hall during the winter months, both with a splendid view of the Bosporus. Since all types of vehicles can be taken inside the closed hall of PORTAXE, the place provides a wide range of inspiring ideas for memorable launching events.

At PORTAXE, we have ample space for all our guests… We can host 2500 people in open-air cocktail organizations and 1100 people in seated organizations…

We give freedom to all business meetings which are otherwise locked behind the doors…

Top-level meetings, product introductions by the domestic and international brands, motivation meetings, trainings, and many more organizations… The day starts with a smile in all business meetings held at Portaxe and this positive energy continues throughout the day. We can also provide boutique outside catering service if requested.

Our corporate organizational consultants are there with all your planning needs with the motto of “You Imagine and We Realize”. After you give a brief information on the content of your event, the rest is the job of the Portaxe professionals…

As you enjoy the gorgeous Bosporus view, we offer you a special experience of an organization with various menu alternatives from the Turkish and the world cuisines.

We create an exclusive visual ambiance for you thanks to the water-curtain technology available only in Portaxe which makes it possible to reflect your company logo or any image on the brilliant waters of the Bosporus.

Say “YES” to a new life in the company of the gorgeous view of the Bosporus …

You will have the wedding of your dreams at Portaxe as you say “yes” to a completely new world in the splendid view of the Bosporus. We know that the perfection of such dreamy nights is only possible with attention to the details, and we care all sorts of details for you… We create a complete visual festivity to be shaped according to your taste out of almost limitless color and style alternatives. We make it possible for you to enjoy the unmatched beauty of the Bosporus in all seasons across the year thanks to our indoors and outdoors organization alternatives.

It takes only 5 minutes to transfer the organization to an indoors one if and when it rains in the middle of the summer…

If you are sad because you think that “everything beautiful lasts short”, we have a solution for that too: your wedding can continue until dawn.

The only question we will ask you is “Anything else?”…

Easy access to Portaxe guarantees a joyful start to your day. At less than a minute’s drive to the ring road, Portaxe and Portaxe Shine welcome all its guests at the door and eliminate all parking problems thanks to our valet parking service. Portaxe has its own boat and landing for those guests who would like to arrive at the place from the sea.

We can accommodate 2500 people at open-air cocktail organizations and 1100 people in seated organizations in our 550 square-meter area. At Portaxe, we have organized 600 invitations hosting about 60 thousand people in our indoors and outdoors organizations.

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